cold brew

Cold Brew from the Hario Mizudashi


Jonathan surprised me the other day by ordering the Hario Mizudashi. It's a coffee pot that makes cold brew with a cylindrical fine (nylon?) filter. He made the cold brew with some old beans we had according to the Hario insert that came with the box. Nothing special, but can't wait to experiment.

Counter Culture Tasting, August On Ice Series


Had morning coffee at Counter Culture's training center in Somerville, specifically the Idido, an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, two ways: Japanese iced coffee (flash brew) and cold brew brewed for 16 hours. Lovely washed coffee with nice floral tea-like notes and strong melon flavor.

Recipes: Japanese iced coffee was a ratio of 1:15.4 coffee to water & ice. The cold brew concentrate was 12 oz coffee to 7 cups water (1:4.6), then a 1:1.25 concentrate to water ratio for dilution.