Seattle: Land of the Summer Festivals

Source: Google Images

After speaking to many Seattlelites, there is one common thread in their message:

Take advantage of the summer like there’s no tomorrow. There may be a tomorrow, but probably no sun.

Fun fact: a vast majority of Seattlelites are deficient in Vitamin D.

Not surprising when the sun doesn’t come out to play from September to June…

So what does that mean for Seattle during the summer? FESTIVALS, FESTIVALS, FESTIVALS! (Literally in caps because they jam pack 3-5 each day.)

This past weekend, I attended 3 back-to-back, and all 3 were filled with sunshine-soaking strolling people enjoying the afternoon. Since I got my car towed on July 4th, I have been paranoid when I find a great parking spot - “Am I just lucky? Or am I stupid for parking here…” because finding parking at these festivals can be nasty.

To provide some perspective on the festivals, I decided to do some research for myself and to share, so if you are (or will be) in Seattle, check these out! **For more information, you can click on the events, which will lead you to its website.

Seafair (July-August) A month-long BBQ, airplane flying, boating, kid-zone friendly, community festival that has been going on for 60 years!

Seattle International Beerfest (July 6-8)

West Seattle Summer Fest (July 13-15)

Bastille Day Festival (July 14)

Bastille Bash in Madison Valley (July 14)

Ballard Seafood Fest (July 14-15)

Chinatown-International District Dragon Fest (July 14-15)

Kla Ha Ya Days (July 18-22)

Kirkland Uncorked (July 20-22)

Bite of Seattle (July 20-22)

Vashon Island Strawberry Festival (July 21)

I’m sure there are so many more festivals out there, but here’s a basic list to start, especially for July. If there is more coming up, I’ll be sure to update.

Happy festivalizing!