Klatch LAX, specialty coffee for the masses.

Image from  Klatch LAX

Image from Klatch LAX

Had a flight from LAX on United in Terminal 7 this morning and saw this place pumpin'. It was shouting "specialty" with all its gear on its shelves, so I was skeptical, but I was pretty surprised when I approached the cash register -- there was a Geisha on the menu!

Considering it's my first specialty coffee experience at an airport, I opted for the Guatemalan pour over as a safer choice (also half the price). The woman used a commercial mechanical pour over machine, which I appreciated (automatic > a mediocre barista), and I'm sure it was a way to save time and multi-task.

It was clear that not many people ordered pour overs or the specialty coffee selections (one worker asked what the pour over machine was), but the fact that it's available and in an airport (who would have thunk) give curious customers an opportunity to experience it!

Thoughts: my coffee was quite good! There was a lot of sweetness in the cup. I've had worse cups at actual specialty cafes because of inexperienced baristas, so this was a real pleasant surprise. I hear Klatch has other airport locations, I'll have to seek them out.

Counter Culture Tasting, August On Ice Series


Had morning coffee at Counter Culture's training center in Somerville, specifically the Idido, an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, two ways: Japanese iced coffee (flash brew) and cold brew brewed for 16 hours. Lovely washed coffee with nice floral tea-like notes and strong melon flavor.

Recipes: Japanese iced coffee was a ratio of 1:15.4 coffee to water & ice. The cold brew concentrate was 12 oz coffee to 7 cups water (1:4.6), then a 1:1.25 concentrate to water ratio for dilution.