Why You Should Support Farmer's Markets If You Love Food


Some people argue that it’s important to support our local economy, our local businesses, and our local farmers. And yes, all the politics and economic talk are dandy, but the real reason to support farmer’s markets is straight-out simple: fresh and natural tasting produce.

This summer, I have been in Charlotte, and even though it’s a “city,” it still has a lot of its agricultural heritage. It’s rather unfortunate that I have only lived in big metropolitan areas, and it may be miles to get to a down-to-earth farmer’s market. What do I mean by that? As the whole organic trend has been on the rise, farmer’s markets advertise “organic” or locate themselves in higher end areas to make sure they attract those “health-conscious stay-at-home moms” (cough Matthews Farmer’s Market cough). It’s a given that all of us want to eat organic produce, but the reality is, not all of us can afford it. High prices and inconvenient locations, why should we ever venture there?

Enter solution: Charlotte Regional Farmer’s Market = 2 warehouses full of fresh and AFFORDABLE produce. Farmers all around the Carolinas bring their yummy goods whether it be grass fed beef or “airlume” tomatoes, you know you’re getting a good deal when you’re spending the same amount as you usually would at a grocery store.


More importantly, the truth happens at home - when you bite into those fresh peaches and blueberries. I love cutting tomatoes because you can never predict their seed patterns unlike mass-produced cookie-cutter tomatoes from the store. If you truly love food, you will realize it simply makes sense to buy better tasting ingredients. And you support the local farmers at the same time!

There are lots of resources online to find your local farmer’s market, find yours today!