Seattle Fast-Forwarded 3 Months

When making big transitions in life, it’s nice to have some things constant, or in my opinion, reliable. When going through peaks and valleys, you know there are those things you can rely on no matter what.

If I were to map out my life, I would say that there have been three major transitions so far. The third and most recent transition has been moving to Seattle and adjusting to a full-time corporate job. It’s been difficult lately because so much of my life has been in flux - making new friends in a new place; battling the learning curve at work; and managing a relationship on the opposite coast. Cooking has always been my stress reliever and go-to thing, but even that has been compromised at times from long days at work and spoiled ingredients in the fridge.

A few weeks ago, I finally got so tired of struggling, realized that I was responsible for my own happiness, and created my own personal action plan. And of course, one of the goals involved the pursuit of my food passions. I have no excuse for not posting lately, but that needs to change as this is my document to committing that food will one day be my life. In the food section of my action plan, I have committed to the following:

  1. Use new ingredients at least once every two weeks.
  2. Eat somewhere new every time unless introducing the restaurant to a friend for the first time.
  3. Update at least one post on my blog each week.

Things have definitely been looking up since I’ve had a renewed mindset. I want to follow through on these commitments to myself and continue the momentum in all aspects of my life. I’m really excited to get back into blogging and sharing the many more food adventures to come. To great food and amazing experiences!