Panther Coffee, Bolivia Test 1

Coffee Details

Roaster: Panther Coffee
Name: Inquisivi Bolivia
Region: Inquisivi, South Yungas La Paz
Elevation: 1700 - 1900m
Process: Washed
Varietal: Caturra, Typica
Flavor Notes: Chocolate, orange, malted milk, cola nut, sweet and floral; silky body
Roast date: 9/1/17

Brewing Details

Method: Chemex
Coffee: 32g
Yield: 520ml (1:16.25)
Water temp: 93º C
Grind size: 19 via Encore
Bloom time: 0:50
Total brew time: 4:23


When I opened the bag, it smelled of marmalade on toast! Explains the orange and malted milk flavor notes. Made coffee for 2 this morning. A very balanced cup - super silky mouthfeel, medium body with bolder notes like the chocolate, but still maintains the brightness of the orange and floral notes. It tasted a little watered down because I think I made a few faults pouring. May adjust grind size to be slightly coarser to extract a little less body for more brightness.