Augies Coffee Roasters, Ethiopia Test 3

Coffee Details

Roaster: Augies Coffee Roasters
Name: Ethiopia Hafursa Natural
Region: Gedeo
Elevation: 2300m
Process: Natural
Varietal: Heirloom
Flavor Notes: Plum, concord grape, cream
Roast date: 8/1/17

Brewing Details

Method: Chemex
Coffee: 20g
Ratio: 1:16
Water temp: 94º C
Grind size: 18.5 via Encore
Bloom time: 0:50
Total brew time: 2:56


Made it finer this morning and shortened brew time. Brought back the acidity that was missing from yesterday, but lost some of the clarity that was beautiful the first time. I will admit I'm enjoying the body and it's quite a balanced cup, but I think I need to make a few other adjustments...