Augies Coffee Roasters, Ethiopia Test 2

Coffee Details

Roaster: Augies Coffee Roasters
Name: Ethiopia Hafursa Natural
Region: Gedeo
Elevation: 2300m
Process: Natural
Varietal: Heirloom
Flavor Notes: Plum, concord grape, cream
Roast date: 8/1/17

Brewing Details

Method: Chemex
Coffee: 20g
Ratio: 1:16
Water temp: 94ยบ C
Grind size: 19 via Encore
Bloom time: 0:50
Total brew time: 3:06


More contact time provided nicer body. Wet notes reminded me of coconut! Pleasant stone fruit tea-like quality. More cream, but less clarity and not as bright as yesterday. Might adjust grind size finer and shorten brew time?