Technology Hiatus + Basil Plant Help?

I have been without a laptop for over a month! 

I gave my sturdy, reliable, little 13” White MacBook to my sister as an 8th grade graduation present, and didn’t expect Apple to be out-of-stock/back-ordered for so long. Living without a personal laptop has definitely been an interesting experience… My iPad has surprisingly been sufficient, though, but not useful when it comes to uploading photos or blogging extensively.

Now, I have a sexy 15” MacBook Pro Retina Display! The display is STUNNING. It will change how you view images and browse the web forever (it has already changed me after one day). If you are a designer or photographer, the retina is a MUST. The pixels are so crisp and the colors so true!

During my Technology Dark Age, I was still keeping up with the food while dealing with settling into my new Seattle apartment. Currently, I’m attempting to grow basil - some days the leaves are perky, then most days, my plant looks depressed. For some context, I try to give it as much sun near the window, and I water when the soil is dry. Would love any advice from any green thumbs or herb growers out there!

Anyway, Seattle has been great so far, and I’m extremely excited to finally be back and posting!

My complete Apple family.