How do you like your crepes?

I love making breakfast because it’s such a versatile meal: banana pancakes, omelets, steak and eggs - it really can be eaten at any time of day!

One of my favorite breakfast go-tos is crepes. These thin pancakes allow even more versatility because they can be served sweet or savory, which is especially helpful when you have a handful of random ingredients in the fridge…

For a quick, delicious, and simple crepe recipe, I just use the Basic Crepes Recipe from You can find it here. Super easy to prepare and has a neutral flavor, so you can make both sweet and savory crepes in the same meal.

My favorite part of making crepes is figuring out what to put in them. Of course there’s the typical combinations…

  • Nutella/peanut butter/jam and [fruit] for a sweet crepe
  • Eggs/[Meat], Vegetables, and [cheese] for a savory crepe

But if you start thinking out of the box… there are so many other ingredients that can brighten those basic recipes! Here are some suggestions:

  • Fresh herbs - love using fresh mint, basil, and lavender
  • Puréed ingredients like sweet potato or garlic spread
  • Honey, goat cheese/greek yogurt (yum…)

Jonathan suggested Doritos… to each their own I guess, haha.

Do you have any suggested combinations to try? What are your favorite crepe fillings?