Making Onigiri

Onigiri, which literally translates into “rice ball” in Japanese, is one of my favorite simple Japanese meals & snacks! Jonathan and I attempted to make some the other night, and as you can see from the photo, my onigri looks much prettier than his (the one on the left)… We had a competition… and his roommate said he won, rolls eyes.

You will need:

  • Rice (for sushi rice style, also need mirin, sugar, and rice vinegar)
  • Desired filling (vegetable or meat)*
  • Nori sheets
  • Wax paper (used for rice ball rolling purposes)
  • Furikake (optional)

*You can use any kind of filling you’d like, but we chose to use teriyaki beef and teriyaki tuna.


  • Cook rice (for sushi rice, mix in extra ingredients after rice is done)
  • Once the rice is cool enough, place a spoonful and a half onto wax paper
  • Place filling in the center of rice and roll into rice ball
  • With some gentle strength, shape into triangle
  • Add nori sheet to the outside
  • Add some furikake atop for some nice aesthetics!

Nom nom nom - itadakemasu!