London, you are beginning to win me over: Brick Lane Brasserie

I was starting to feel dispirited about the whole food scene in London, but I heard amazing things about Indian food here, so my girlfriends and I made our way to Brick Lane. It was pretty late on a Thursday night, but many of the restaurants were filled with people. My favorite part about Brick Lane is the number of restaurant promoters outside the doors doting on you for your business.

I will make a deal with you. Eight pounds for a set menu and a round of free drinks on the house, that includes starter, main course, rice, and naan… Wait, don’t go! How about two rounds of free drinks?

Yes, I like the chase, even if it’s by hardcore Indian restaurant promoters. That’s what a service industry is all about - getting someone’s business and providing the best service possible so that he or she will return again. That’s the fundamentals of service marketing. I’m glad those Indian restaurants at least got that right.

Although some of the offers were quite enticing, we headed to Brick Lane Brasserie as a safe bet. The set menu offer wasn’t quite as good as the other restaurants, but the food was great! I haven’t had Mango Lassi in a long time, so it was such a treat drinking it again.

For my starter, I ordered the Chicken Tikka, which was tandoori chicken and grilled onions served with a sweet tangy yogurt sauce. I really enjoyed the hot and sizzling flavors!

I decided to try something different to explore more of Indian cuisine, so instead of the usual saag dishes I enjoy, I ordered Lamb Kashmir - banana and lychee in a creamy coconut sauce. And I’m so glad I did! It was very different. The cream sauce tasted a lot like butternut squash, and the lychee added a nice sweetness to the dish. I always love sweet and savory combinations.

I really appreciated the food, but not so much the decor, especially the blue lighting as you can see from my photos. Sorry, I don’t like eating Indian food in a quiet nightclub. Also, my girlfriend got a glass of white wine and claimed that it tasted like nail polish remover.

Overall, though, this experience has turned my frown upside down. Maybe things are finally looking up. Can’t wait to explore more places in Brick Lane!