Tsukushinbo, My New Neighborhood Sushi Restaurant

Ikura sake nigiri; ginger scallion saba nigiri; quail egg & ebi nigiri; unagi-stuffed tamago from the Omakase (Chef’s Selection) @ Tsukushinbo in International District - Seattle, WA

I have fallen in love with this place… so much that I frequent it on average about once a week (and I have only moved to Seattle a little under two months ago). Sho is amazing, as you can see from his creations, and he will tell you straight up whether what’s in stock today is fresh.

Uhhh… I wouldn’t have the uni today. Come back Wednesday or Thursday.

A respect for fresh, high quality ingredients, being honest with the customer, and serving delicious food: in my opinion, that’s the gold standard.

The omakase gives the chef a chance to express his creativity, but if you’re looking for authentic, traditional Japanese - this is also the place to go. Although not pictured here, I had the sashimi dinner and chirashi before trusting Sho with the omakase venture.

Tsukushinbo is one of the best sushi restaurants I have ever been to, so if you are in Seattle and you have not been here… you are definitely missing out.