Herb Troubles

I always wanted to grow my own herb garden, but never did because a. I didn’t have space, and b. I simply did not know how. Last summer, I bought my first basil plant from Trader Joe’s and realized how great of an investment fresh herbs are! For $4, I had fresh basil for months!

Since then, I bought dill, rosemary, and chives. Unfortunately, I lost my chives to a scale infestation, womp womp; I had to learn to fight off the aphids killing my rosemary (was successful); I bought self-watering pots because I was concerned I would overwater… you should ask Jonathan how much I worry about my herbs, it’s kind of funny/ridiculous.

I would characterize myself as a person with a “black thumb”, but I am proud to say that I am gradually learning how to nurture these babies. It’s difficult growing plants indoors, especially in Seattle. And after seeing my dill flower with pollen and grow as tall as it has, I’m beginning to feel a little more confident. Perhaps one day, my thumb will turn green!