How To Cook Bitter Melon

Bitter Melon is a vegetable that requires an acquired taste. It’s kind of like what an IPA is to beers, and in fact, in Asia, there are beers that replace hops with bitter melon. The vegetable is super healthy (some people attribute it with medicinal properties), and also very easy to prepare.


Like a squash, the bitter melon has seeds that needs to be scooped out. Halve melon, remove seeds, and cut into slices.


It can be cooked multiple ways - in an omelette, in a vegetable stir fry, etc. but if you’ve never had it before, I would ease your taste buds into it by adding sugar. The sugar will off-balance the bitterness along with other sauces you may use. Tofu is also a great add because it has a neutral taste and soaks up the flavors that you cook the bitter melon in.

It takes a while getting used to, but once you’ve developed that acquired taste (and tapered down the sugar), it’s very enjoyable AND you reap all the health benefits.


Use new ingredients at least once every two weeks.